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John J. Wielgus Foundation
The John J. Wielgus Hospice foundation

Our Mission
Established in loving memory of John J. Wielgus, our mission is to serve as a compassionate community resource for terminally ill people and families, caregivers, and professionals dedicated to end-of-life care. John J. Wielgus, “Jack,” was a deeply generous and caring man who devoted his life to the well-being of his family and friends. Jack’s home was characterized by abundant hospitality, and it was the first place his loved ones and acquaintances turned when in need.

Our Vision
is to be the first place people turn as they encounter the challenges that accompany terminal illness. We hold a deep and abiding interest in the best in end-of-life and palliative care, and know that from the early stages of battling a life-threatening illness, individuals and families need support and assistance along the way. The John J. Wielgus (JJW) Hospice Foundation serves as a multifaceted resource, extending aid and advocacy to individuals and families through this difficult journey.

The JJW Hospice Foundation collaborates with a network of excellent hospice and palliative care providers. We serve as a link to hospice and respite services, spiritual care and grief support. The JJW Hospice Foundation is staffed to respond swiftly to urgent needs.

-  Financial assistance for those who need help paying for end-of-life care.
-  “First Call for Help” staffed by caring and capable volunteers who provide advice,     resources and referrals.
-  Grants for the continuing education of health care professionals dedicated to enhancing     the quality of end-of-life care.

If you or your family are in need of information, referrals, support or financial assistance, or to make a charitable donation, please contact:

John J. Wielgus Hospice Foundation
27890 Natchez Avenue
Elko, Minnesota 55020
Phone 952.652.9120
Fax 952.652.9121
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